Religion is one of the most important factors in defining the identity of a nation. Collecting information on religious affiliation, in addition to data on ethnicity and mother tongue, makes the general picture of the society we live in complete. In accordance with the law, these indicators were measured only for the persons interviewed during the Population and Housing Census conducted in October 2011.

Religious affiliation was measured by aggregating the answers obtained (based on the freely given declaration of the persons interviewed) in response to the question: “What religion does the person consider he/she belongs to?”

For the 2011 Population and Housing Census, the calculation method to determine the weight of each cult involved the deduction of the population recorded under the “unavailable information” item from the total stable population.

The flyer focuses on the confessional structure resulting from the 2011 Census. This structure was compared to the results of the previous three Romanian Censuses that contained relevant information on religious affiliation, namely those conducted in 2002, 1992 and 1930.